“A great place! Bowling is really good but they also have excellent food, the people are super friendly, and a good sized arcade area for the kids. We love going here!”

– Richard U.

“My girl loves it there… we always have a great time.”

– Maribel M.

“This was always the spot to go in high school when we wanted to go bowling. So much nostalgia when going to this place. They have a lot of deals depending on the day and its always a good time. Sometimes its fun just to place the arcade games they have there. The service is always good and you can’t knock a pile of fries while you bowl. Its worth the price!”

– Sam Y.

“I really enjoyed my time at this bowling alley. It was clean, the waitresses promptly brought beer and snacks and the bartender even brought our food quickly amidst a packed bowling league meeting.”

– Amanda S.

“One of the nicest bowling centers in Portland. Love the TVs!”

– Joshua K.

“The lanes are well maintained, and the pro shop staffed by knowledgeable folks.”

– Dr. Avery

“Played pool and bowling league here, everyone is friently, the prices are good and has everything you would expect for bowling!”

– Matt R.

“Best bowling alley on the west side.”

– Google User

“Great Times! went to Cosmic bowling with some work pals and ordered a pitcher of beer, couldn’t ask for a better time. It was very clean, and had good music. Can’t wait to go back again!”

– Google User

“Wow this place has changed since I’ve been here last. Went with some friends for a B-Day party and of course stopped into the bar first. Friendly wait staff and a great mix of drinks to select from.”

– Matt L.

“This is a great bowling alley! The food is even quite good and the menu interestingly diverse – never seen that at a bowling alley before. The atmosphere is fun and energized, the patrons are happy and the drinks come quickly and are made (or poured) well. Wait staff is friendly and prompt. Also, the shoes are clean and in good repair, the place is clean and comfortable and the arcade has some pretty fun games inside (I am way better at air hockey than bowling!) We’ll keep coming back.. who knows, maybe I can get my abysmal bowling score up!”

– Amy S.

“I had been here a couple of times and had been there for a team gathering from my office. We played bowling for 2 hours and also played their arcade games. We had made a reservation for 3 lanes and they had everything setup nicely and we were able to get started with bowling immediately upon arrival For $60 you can reserve a lane for 2 hours with shoes included for upto 6 players max per lane. The arcade games were also pretty well maintained.”

– Singaravelan V.

“The husband is a fan-freaking-tastic bowler. I am a horrible bowler. When he decided he wanted to go cosmic bowling on his 32nd birthday, I internally cringed. Who wants to do that?! But I smiled and promised to plan it. When we arrived, I was instantly impressed. The place is updated, clean, and doesn’t have the lingering smell of 20+ years of previously-allowed smoking built up (like almost every other bowling alley I’ve ever been to). Our server Ian comes up, shows us a HUGE menu, and asks to take our orders on this fantastic electronic ordering gadget. Service was great, the pitchers of beer were well-priced, and the bowling? I actually broke 100 on our first game.”

– Mish M.

“I have thrown balls in just about every alley in the Portland metro area and after rolling at Sunset Lanes I ask the question: Why the heck would anyone bowl anywhere else? This place just simply gets it. Their lanes are the best I have rolled on in the city, their service is top notch – servers check in with you frequently. Very refreshing. There was obviously some thought put into this place. Walk up mini-bar to grab a quick drink or a pitcher without having to go into the bar? Brilliant. Tons of space in and around the bowling areas? Brilliant. Clean bathrooms? Brilliant. Video game/Kid’s center placed far away from the lanes? Super brilliant. Sunset lanes has online reservations so you can pick your lane and enter in the folks that are playing with you so when you arrive everything is already set up. Sunset Lanes is the Cadillac of bowling alleys. But don’t take my word for it, go experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”

– Kris J.

“What a fantastic little bowling alley. Seriously. If you’ve only ever experienced the trashy side of bowling, you’re in for a treat if you can make your way over to Sunset Lanes. Clean facilities; Reasonable pricing; They don’t make you turn in a shoe when you rent shoes; Super nice people; Cosmic Bowling!, Great bowling leagues with great people; And beer!!”

– Kaity J.

“I am not a regular bowler (once every few years) but this place was one of the best places I have played. Clean, great computer scoring system and a good vibe overall. I will certainly go back when I need to embarrass myself by throwing a large heavy ball down a slab of wood.”

– Eric C.

“Once of the cleanest bowling alleys I’ve come across in a looooong time. I came here for my nephews birthday party last Saturday. They were doing cosmic bowling. The ambience of the place is really chill. I actually felt safe in this bowling alley! Hey, where I come from (Long Beach, CA) your happy if a bowling alley doesn’t have a metal detector! I’ve never been much a fan of alley food but surprisingly, their pizza is really good. I like mine a little doughy and this place was perfect. Although I may not ever come here again considering I live in Cali, but I wouldn’t mind stopping by just for the pizza and beer when I go back up to visit.”

– Hong P.

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